Aerospace group

Aerospace Engineering

An ever globalizing planet continues to increase the demands placed upon the aerospace industry.
The NETME Centre’s aerospace engineering team works to tackle the challenges facing aircraft systems and aerodynamics, as well as structural and strength evaluation of future aircrafts. The researchers apply their work to the development of up-to-date technologies, aiming to increase efficiency and safety whilst simultaneously reducing the negative impact on the environment.

The wealth of experience within the research team ensures that NETME remains at the forefront of introducing advanced techniques into the aerospace sector.
The high standard of work performed in the field of aeronautical engineering is proven by wide participation in EU-funded research projects, and also by numerous examples of successfully completed industrial research & development projects.



Additive manufacturing

The Additive Manufacturing team is well established within the NETME Centre. Among other areas, the laboratory provides support in optical digitalization,


Aerosol and Spray Technology Group

The research team, led by prof. Jan Jedelský, works on experimental fluid mechanics and is mainly focused on the research, development and testing of

GameBird GB1 / G-IGBI

Aerospace group

Research in the field of aerospace at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering dates from 1937 and has long been a traditional part of R & D at the


Fracture mechanics and micromechanics of composite materials

The fracture-mechanics group consists of two senior researchers, one part-time senior researcher, four junior researchers and 2 PhD students. Officially


Special electric machinery

The research group dedicated to special electric machinery is led by doc. Ing. Čestmír Ondrůšek, CSc., widely renowned expert in power engineering,


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